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Boutique Farmhouse Pizza Pan DIY Door Hanger – Dollar Store Craft

Grab a plain pizza pan and a cheap and decorative calendar to make a cute and creative farmhouse style pizza pan door hanger craft that looks like it came straight from a boutique. An easy dollar store DIY decor project.

Whip up this farmhouse-style door hanger with just a few dollar store supplies.

Nearly everything used to make this boutique style door hanger came from The Dollar Tree except some of the ribbon and the paint used to get the wood grain effect. I wanted my door hanger to look like wood but that just ups the level of difficulty on this easy to make project. You could definitely just use the silver pan "as is" for this hanger. If you want to skip the paint, go to step 5 and start there.

Supplies needed:

(All of these supplies were purchased at my local Dollar Tree with the exception of the paint, alcohol ink, sticks from the yard and the piece of buffalo plaid ribbon I used)

* Silver pizza pan

* A calendar that has an image you want to use (Dollar Tree had several to choose from)

* Twine

* Rope

* Some greenery or artificial florals

* Hot glue

* Adhesive Spray

* Ribbon (Buffalo Plaid Walmart)

* Styrofoam Pumpkins

* Some stick pieces from your yard ; )

* Silver "Harvest" sign (pack of 3 from DT)


Start by taking your pizza pan and roughing it up with a sanding block. This will make the paint stick better to the pan. Once you do that, clean off with a little glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Next, take your white paint (Apple Barrel from Walmart) and start painting the face and outside rim of the pan. It may take several coats to get the coverage you want.

Now, take your paint brush and brown alcohol ink to create a wood grain effect. This tutorial is not going to go into how to do that. There are tons of YouTube videos explaining this technique. I would suggest starting there.

The next step is to take your image and adhere it to the pan. I wanted to do something for the fall, so I went with November's pumpkin theme from the calendar I used. I used the adhesive spray from Dollar Tree to attach it.

After you have the picture on the pan, take your rope and start hot glueing it around the edge of the pan.

It should look like this once you are through. We will next add some adornment to the top and bottom. I decided to add a bit of a 3D effect by placing sticks on the pumpkin stem.

I decided to hot glue some of the artificial leaves to the bottom for a pop of color. I also wanted to carry my 3D theme to the bottom and used some of these cute pumpkins I found at the DT for that effect by cutting them in half and hot glueing them over the leaves. If was just the effect I was hoping for.

I then hot glued the "Harvest" sign just where I wanted it.

Next, we will adorn the top by adding a simple criss/cross ribbon. This is a supper easy way to get a professional looking ribbon without all the hassle. You take strips of the ribbons you want to use and criss/cross them over each other. I added some the artificial leaves on top then tied it all together with a pc of twine. Hot glue this to the top of your pan over where the rope meets.

Last but not least, you want to hot glue a pc of twine to the back so that you can hang your creation.

I finished off my look by taking a few more little pieces from the fall foliage and placed it in the center of my bow so that it had a more complete look.

There are so many creative ways you make this project come to life. Thankfully, they are so inexpensive to make that you can make several of them without breaking the bank.

This is one of those projects that you can just let your imagination go wild with.

Here's your homework!

If you decide to make yourself one of these boutique door hangers, I want to hear all about it. Better yet, send me a picture and your craft may just get featured in an upcoming blog!

Christina is a wife, mom, full time corporate America day job worker and a born crafter. Her hobbies include: reading, photography, crocheting and of course multi-crafting. Current ventures include blogging and graphic design.



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